Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm Almost Famous

Every day while pretending to do work, err, I mean while I'm on my lunch break...I check out my usual websites, one of which is, a website devoted solely to athletic uniforms. It sounds kinda random, but it's actually really intersting for any sports fan. Part of the daily posting is just a bunch of links to pictures and stories related to interesting uniform happenings. Well, yours truly submitted something that got published yesteday and I got the credit for it. Follow the link below, go to the Uni Watch News Ticker section, and it's about halfway down. This article was about the Royals new powder blue uniforms.


Mommy K said... and David Cook...both famous!

Anonymous said...

Although the material was a bit hard to get through (not being a true fan of The Royals), I was very impressed.