Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So I'm in a wedding this weekend, and am of course dateless, although when I send back the RSVP card I am always optimistic that I'll have a date by the time the wedding rolls around, which rarely happens. Anyone want to go with me? You'll have to have chicken at the reception though, that's what I put you down for. If I get no answers my roomate's going with me. But I'll make him be the girl when we slow dance.

Also, this is the first of 4 weddings I am in the next 8 months. Not just going to, but have to rent a tux for. That's close to $500 worth of tuxes for all of you keeping score at home, plus buying the shoes for Ben's wedding, and I'm getting a mohawk for his wedding as well (bride and grooms request). I think I need to start being a crappier friend so I can save some cash.