Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Things In My Head

- If you eat dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, make sure you wash your hands BEFORE you take a piss, not just afterwards. Trust me on that one.
- So if you couldn't tell from the previous comment, I was at B-Dubs tonight (Buffalo Wild Wings), and I noticed they had 4 bottles of UV Vodka at the bar. Grape, Cherry, Apple, and.......... Blue. Um, what tree does the Blue fruit grow on? What is the scientific name of the Blue plant? And I kinda want to make a joke right now that involves Kool-Aid, but I won't.
- I've noticed that it is socially acceptable to take your dog to public places or other peoples houses (probably since you can't leave them home alone) and everyone is supposed to be OK with it, even if there wasn't any permission given to take the dog there in the first place. While I don't hate dogs like I used to, they still aren't my favorite thing ever. I think in retaliation of that I'm going to just start showing up with my cat to random places and see if people are cool with it, with my main focus being to take Woody to peoples houses that have dogs. First off, I am confident in this since every time Woodrow has come face to face with a dog he beats their ass (even chasing a full sized Boxer down the street), plus I just want to see how awkward it gets at the socail gathering I come to with a cat.
- If you are hanging out with a girl who is a stripper but she isn't working, but then she takes her top off, are you still supposed to tip her? I'm seriously not joking here, this happened to me the other week.
- In case you were wondering, I gave her a dollar. And she took it. Without using her hands.
- Yes, she only had her top off, I'm not that dirty.

That's it kids, I'm going to bed.

Natalia, are you happy now?


Auth Edna Ruth said...

My cat (who is named Squirt for pissing on my couch when I first got him) beats up on every dog that comes down the street.

Anonymous said...

I'm just pissed you didn't call me after having a stripper take her top off....WTF? No courtesy call? Yes, I'm whining, but c'mon. I want a call EVERY SINGLE time this happens. And why isn't there a follow up story?

Chef Amber Shea said...

Re: UV Blue vodka, it is odd, but good with Sprite or 7up (called a "smurf").

Re: Dogs, I think they're the most vile creatures ever. Why do people think dog-haters are somehow subhuman? I detest them and I'm not sorry!

Re: The stripper, I have no answer for that, ha.