Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boring Update

So I have been sick since Saturday, it turns out I have a sinus infection that just won't go away, despite being on 3 different prescriptions since Tuesday morning.

In other news, my boss is a jackass. If your boss is a jackass too, leave me a comment saying Hell Yeah!!!

That's all, have a great day.

**EDITORS NOTE** It was not my intention to use two Office Space characters/references this close together, but I guess that's just how crappy my life is right now.


Mommy K said...

Hell Yeah!

Mjaycox said...

I like my boss, but I do have 8 different ones.

Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah,,,,not my immediate boss, but the one above her, and the one above him, and the one above him.

Anonymous said...

I'll throw out a Hell Yeah for my first boss, she was brutal, but I can't for my current boss, he really is the coolest boss ever.