Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Temporarily

OK Kids, I know I've sucked at posting this year, but late winter/early spring is my busy season, mostly due to volleyball. Right now is also end of quarter at work, so I'm super super busy right now (but not as busy as you parents, I know). It will be tough, but I know you all can get through this. Stop back by in late April/early May and I'll be back in the saddle. And extra apologies go out to Natalia and Leah, two of my biggest fans, who have bugged me to put up new posts. For you two I have a special message....GET BACK TO WORK!!!

Your friend and my favorite,


Natalia said...


Anonymous said...

I don't even know which Leah you are referring to, since you have so many. I'm not even sure how to number myself so you'll know who I am. I guess I'll hope for the best...

Leah #1

Michele' said...

Okay, enough already! Put something new up. How am I supposed to check on your life at a glance from all the way across the Pacific! Miss you :)